Not seeing your Organization or Program?

The Youth Program Directory lists programs that serve youth from age 5 through adulthood in the King County region. We need your help to ensure that our region’s youth can be connected to the essential resources your programs provide.

Follow these steps:

  • There are two ways to search – click on About and search by your organization name under the Participating Organizations list. Or use the Search Field and type in your exact organization name, program name, or a keyword to see if your programs are listed on the Youth Program Directory.
  • Not Found? Check full eligibility requirements, outlined here*. If your program is eligible and is in agreement with this policy please complete the form linked below.
  • Fill out the King County Youth Program Directory Outreach Form here to have your program listed!
  • Need to make changes to your listing? Please email your request to



* Crisis Clinic is the data operator of the Youth Program Directory, we are committed to the King County 2-1-1 Database Inclusion/Exclusion Policy for Public Posting to determine your program eligibility.


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John Quincy Adams