Math really can be fun!

Many young people may find that hard to believe, but it is possible. With about 50% of WA state students meeting common core standards, incorporating some math games into your family or program’s game night might be the key to helping them better understand numbers. Zeno math groups work with families to make math more approachable and even a little fun!

With over 100 math games aligning with common core standards covering numerous subjects, you are able to filter through the games by grade level, type of activity and concept. Here are some topics of focus:

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Measurement and Fractions
  • Shapes and Geometry
  • Word problems

You are guaranteed to find a game or two your child will love! There are also print outs of each game so you can take them on the go and they are a great resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

Another fun way to incorporate math skills is through game night. There are card games that help foster quick addition and subtraction along with counting by 10s and 5’s. Two favorite games to play with kids ages 5 to 15 are:


Have your group keep a running score after each hand. After someone plays their final card, the remaining players add up the cards in their hand. This means that points are bad and the first person to get to 100,200, or even 500 points loses.

  • Number card equal 5 points each
  • Speciality cards like skip, reverse, and draw two equal 20 points.
  • Wilds and wild draw fours equal 50 points!

So you can see the points add up fast so depending on the length of time you have to play adjust the point total accordingly.  

Sleeping Queens:

This game is a summer camp favorite. Every player starts out with 5 cards in hand and your goal is collect 5 queens or be the first to reach 50 points.

  • The playcards have number values 1-10, speciality cards and of course the kings.
  • Now here is where the math comes in, as you draw and discard you are able to create math problems with the number cards, then as you play you say your equation out loud “2+8=10” and you would discard a 2,8 and 10. You can also discard pairs or triples. Then you are able to draw more cards and increase your chance of getting a king.

This game works well for kindergartners through 5th graders. There are knights, dragons, potions, and wands. It is a fun engaging math game your kids will love.


Check out Gamewright for some engaging and educational games!

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